The Purpose of the Water Safe Municipality

The Council has designed a concept to help municipalities to get a detailed overview of their water sides, which can present safety challenges. The concept has been developed in cooperation with Jammerbugt Municipality.

The benefit, for the municipality, is to make the right decisions and actions to meet the citizens and tourists’ legitimate demands regarding safety in their leisure activities in and around water.

The concept consists of a description that identifies the municipal waters such as beaches, swimming pools, harbours, lakes and similar areas, and with these in mind, coming up with suggestions for improvement and possible hedging of facilities, or tightening of existing procedures and protocols.

On the basis of this report, prepared by the Council for Greater Water Safety, a permanent steering committee is set in order to implication processing, and implementing recommendations based on the report’s conclusions.

The certificate, will be given the municipality in question, when the established elements of the report are prepared and approved by the local council.

The certification must be reissued every two years.

  1. Certification shall include the following topics:
  2. Organisation of work safety
  3. Risk assessment of the water bodies. Follow-up every 2 years
  4. Safety around water in the children in the municipality
  5. Guidelines for bathing excursions
  6. Comply safety regulations in public bathing facilities
  7. Testing the supervision staff each year (Life Saving requirements).
  8. Rescue equipment to be placed in appropriate locations
  9. Information for all about the water and ice safety.

How do we get started?

Municipalities that want to learn more about how to act, and what practical and financial issues are associated with being a “Water Safe Municipality”, please contact our secretariat at vasb@onqrfvxxreurq.qx.

At the subsequent meeting, a representative from the Council will give a short presentation of the concept. The concept and the certification will be carried out in close dialogue with the key people in the municipality.