strandnumreBeach numbers save lives

When drowning or other accidents happen along the Danish coasts, it is important to alert the emergency services as fast as possible. A fast rescue action depends on the emergency services and rescuers being able to identify the site of the accident as precisely as possible.

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The setup and registration of the beach numbers will be fully developed in connection with the bathing season 2014. A beach number constitutes of a letter followed by a three-digit number. The location of a beach number is registered with a GPS coordinate. When calling the Danish emergency number 1-1-2, the emergency centre will enable emergency services from land, water and air, so that help arrives as quickly as possible. Beach numbers are set in places where there is not a postal address; for instance all bathing areas at beaches and lakes, etc.

The municipality and the local police authority are responsible for the precise placement of beach numbers. The National Police is responsible for the administration of the beach numbering system – together with the 1-1-2 Secretariat and the Council for Greater Water Safety. The project is funded with support from the Trygfonden.