Strandklar app


Get ready for the beach with the app “Strandklar”

(The app is at the moment only available in danish)

Do you know where the nearest beach number is, and what is the number?

In the event of an accident or an emergency, you are to call 1-1-2 and state your position, which is not always easy when you are on a beach or the like.

The Danish Council for Greater Water Safety’s app "Strandklar" (only available in danish) helps you to find your position and the nearest beach number. Additionally, can see where the beach number is compared to your position on a map. You get your own position given by the coordinates. Also, use the app to find each other on the beach. Once you know your own position in relation to the nearest beach number, you can easily guide your friends to you by disclosing where you are - for instance: 250 meters south of the beach number P936.

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