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  Danish version
Test your knowledge of water safety. This is the “difficult” version.

Can you find all the things they do wrong?
Danish version
Test your knowledge of water safety. This is the “good” version.

You can start with the difficult version, and then see if you can guess what they are doing wrong.
Danish version
Bathing Tips!
When you are young, you have a zest for life, and live in the fast lane. Still, there are some things you need to keep in mind, so you have a good experience at the beach. You must have respect for the water, and you must have respect for other people and for nature.
Danish version
Water Safety – Bornholm
What to pay particular attention to, when going to the beach at Bornholm?
Danish version
Water Safety West Coast
Along the west coast of Jutland, you will find some of the best beaches in Denmark. It is both healthy and good to swim, and under normal circumstances it is also safe to swim at the North Sea. You simply need to follow some few simple bathing tips, so your vacation also remains a wonderful experience.
Danish version
The North Sea – Water Safety

German version
Northsee – Badesicherheit (German)
English version
North Sea – WaterSafety (English)
Danish version
Winter Swimming
Winter swimming is becoming more and more popular – but what should you be aware of before you plunge into the water?
Danish version
Ice Safety Tips

Movies about ice safety. How to avoid accidents when staying on ice. The Council for Greater Water Safety offers advice on how to behave on ice.